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Lisa is formidable. I had no idea the unified sound my voice was capable of making, even after years of training, until I started understanding my body and instrument through Lisa’s extensive experience and knowledge. Every lesson leaves me feeling stronger and I can physically feel and hear my own growth as a singer and musical artist. She is a delight and empowers her students to hold ourselves to higher standards, and I am IMMENSELY grateful to have a place in her studio.

Erin Christine Walsh, Disney Cruise Line

​I’ve been studying with Queen Lisa Tamagini for about a year and a half and I’ve already seen massive improvements in my performance skills and my knowledge. Lisa knows the voice inside and out. She is also very good at reading her students and knowing how to guide them along their personal journeys. Lisa doesn’t follow a textbook or guide and she doesn’t just explain the voice; she listens and learns about each student's needs and leads them to find the answers themselves. I’ve been in a show for a year now, and having consistent lessons with Lisa has helped me to navigate 8 shows a week while practicing new material and auditioning.

Jodi Snyder, Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish (Off-Broadway)

I have been to numerous vocal coaches over the years, but Lisa is the first one who has shown me true technique. I have not stopped progressing since I started working with her. She teaches in a way that helps you understand how singing should feel. As an artist I have a distinctive sound, and with the help of Lisa, I've learned how to maintain my sound in a more healthy way. The past two years with her have changed my voice for the better. 

Vaeda Black, Recording Artist

Taking lessons with Lisa has truly changed my life. As a crossover singer (someone who sings classical, musical theater, and pop styles), she has helped me discover my own authentic sound across musical styles. Lisa celebrates the individuality of my sound, touching on both the physical and emotional in her approach, and helping me to find the freedom and versatility in my voice that I crave.

Nicole Albanese, Godspell (SIVA)


I highly recommend the Tamagini Voice Studio. I have been able to study with Lisa for several years. I have never sounded better, nor felt more confident. Lisa has so much love and information to share through her teaching. What really impacts me the most is my ability to study with her weekly. As a professional musician in Boston it is hard to travel for lessons. Originally we had in person lessons when she was regularly teaching in Boston. When she made the decision to be full time in NYC, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to travel to see her regularly. I am so excited that she teaches via SKYPE. This is such an amazing tool, that makes regular lessons a possibility. I feel like I have such specific and in depth lessons with Lisa this way. She is able to see and hear clearly and I truly feel like I am in her in-person studio. As a classical singer, being able to work with someone who is able to hear nuance in your tone makes all the difference. I look forward to our skype lessons weekly!

Carla Luigina, Evita (NSMT)

I absolutely LOVE Lisa. She understands the voice and the human instrument in such a phenomenal detailed way that by the end of your first lesson you are making sounds that you never thought you could do. And not only are you now discovering this new sound and talent, you're doing it effortlessly! Now imagine the kind of sounds you could make studying for a year with her! She has completely changed my whole world on whats possible for me. It doesn't matter the style of music, she does it all. Her technique and teaching work for everything. I'm so grateful to have her on my team!

Kristiana Jarquin-Moreland,Giant (Signature Theatre)

Lisa is a fabulous teacher! She really works hard to understand your particular strengths and places to improve and she makes every lesson count. Her knowledge of proper vocal technique is incredibly thorough and she is incredible at finding a way to explain it that works for you. I would highly recommend Lisa as a teacher! She also has a very cute dog, just saying.

Miranda West, Junie B Jones (National Tour)

Lisa and I have been working together for under and year and the improvement I have seen is amazing. I am a touring musician and we do most of our lessons over FaceTime or Skype and they are incredible. Even from afar she picks up on everything and gives me the most out of my hour. She is able to keep my classical voice in shape while allowing me to work on my contemporary styles. She customizes each of my lessons for the events I have that week, allowing me to be vocally prepared for anything. I love her and would highly recommend!! 

Evan Giia, Electronic Pop Artist

Lisa is the most informed and efficient voice teacher I’ve ever worked with. She uses her exceptional wealth of knowledge about physiology and applies it to students’ vocal study, allowing them to understand what is happening physically during the act of singing and how to create the most authentic and truthful sounds possible. Lisa provides her students with the ultimate tools to break through barriers and achieve their highest potential as performance artists. She adapts her teaching style based on the individual needs of each student, taking the time to really invest in their goals, foster their growth, and help them to navigate their careers. She is a game changer in a big way!

Stephen Gordon, Disney Cruise Line

Lisa Tamagini knows how to get results. Over the past four years, I have seen improvement in my own vocal technique as well as her other student’s vocal technique in ways that I never imagined could be possible. Not only can she help a voice from her aesthetic in what she believes a voice should sound like, but it is also clear to any person that listens to her teach, that she fully understands the inner workings of the muscles that help create sound. This is a factor in which I believe a lot of vocal coaches miss in their teaching. She understands how a certain sound is made and translates it to her students in the most coherent way possible. She is also one of the most kindest people I have ever met, but will always be as honest as she can to a student in how she believes they sound, so that they can only improve.

Jennifer Huvane, Wagner College MT major

Lisa has changed the way I sing. I started working with her a year and a half ago and her attention to detail and knowledge of vocal technique has helped me improve immensely. She has helped me feel confident and secure in how I approach auditioning and new material. On top of that she’s a wonderful person and a joy to work with! Highly recommend!

Eileen Cannon, The Who's Tommy (Seven Angels Theatre)

Lisa’s classical background helps to challenge and enrich my experience in each lesson. Her teaching style makes me feel cared for and respected, and she pushes me to higher ground every time. My skills and stamina as a singer grow exponentially under her guidance, and she gives me the tools to succeed outside of the studio as well. I was reaching dead ends in the audition room before I worked with Lisa, and after the first three lessons with her, I booked a job I’d done 12 auditions for—I’m certain it’s because of her tips, tricks and technique.

Margot Plum, Dragons Love Tacos (National Tour)



I’ve been working with Lisa via Skype for nearly a year, and can’t speak more highly of her and her studio. Initially, I was a bit concerned to see how voice lessons would translate over Skype. I soon came to realize that, with a teacher like Lisa, having lessons from across the country is almost no different than having lessons in person. Lisa has an incredibly intimate understanding of the voice and is deeply devoted to each of her students. I am so grateful for the progress I’ve made thanks to her extraordinary teaching. I will be moving to New York City this fall in pursuit of a BFA in Musical Theater from Pace University, and will continue to use the lessons given to me by Lisa to help me become a better artist.

Luke Pruete, Skype student (Northern California)

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