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Voice Lessons 

Voice lessons focus primarily on technique. During the session, students learn how to liberate their instrument, unblock physical tensions, and release optimal sound to achieve ultimate artistic expression. If you are struggling with discomfort, lack of access to your appropriate range, limitations in vocal style, or feel your voice is holding you back from your career, regular technique instruction is the choice for you!

Vocal & Dramatic Coaching 

Vocal and dramatic repertoire coaching is most suitable for performers with a requisite command of technique who are looking to delve deeper into potential performance and audition material. Unlike vocal technique lessons, coachings focus on musicality and interpretation, while still addressing blocks in character building, development, clear diction, phrasing, and interpretation to best serve the character and tell the strongest and clearest story. An accompanist is required for this session; you may bring your own or the studio may provide one for you for an additional charge.


College Audition Coaching 

For students hoping to audition for conservatory programs for college, Lisa offers training and counseling to best prepare you to share your strongest, most authentic, most malleable self. This work involves both technique and dramatic coaching. With the rise of self-tape audition submissions, Lisa also offers feedback and direction on audition videos.


For students who are away on contracts or don't live in New York or Boston, Lisa offers video lessons via Skype or FaceTime. You get the same technique and performance instruction, but from the comfort of your own home. You may also have a brief (15-20 min) session to fine tune, warm up, or do sustainability exercises while away in a show!

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